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Jazz singer . songwriter . vocal teacher
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"Franco is refreshingly original.

She's very straight ahead, with no dramatics or overdone soul inflections."

Chris Mosey review for "All about jazz" website.

" Cláudia Franco is one of the best and clearest voices of the new Portuguese jazz."

Nicolau Santos review for online "Expresso"

"Franco does a commendable job ...

with her phrasing and seductive nuances being spot on.

It's arduous to do these tunes as they have become larger than life, but she wades in with no trepidation, and makes it out the other side."

James Nadal review for "All about jazz" website.

"A charming presence, the singer manages to introduce a new sound to traditional jazz without, however, shaking the basis of the jazz expression to which her experience clings.

Cláudia Franco manages to give it such a joviality and freshness that I find myself listening and humming the songs before 7 am."

Daniela Press review

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