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Sheet Music and Guitar

Vocal Jazz Language

Online Group Classes

.Vocal Jazz (interpretation and improvisation)

.Vocal technique

1 hour weekly - 6 students group max

Live classes 

Community group for homework and feedback

Relaxed and kind vibe

Amateurs and intermediate singers

 Live feedback. Audio and pdf support.

Vocal Jazz: Scales, chords, patterns, solo transcriptions and reading, Jazz standards and Bossa Nova, rhythm, scat, interpretation, stylistic tools, swing,  Improvisation exercises, jam preparation, repertoire, mindset.

Vocal Technique: each singer brings a song to work on, how to warm-up, exercises, register, anatomy understandment, (...)

60€ monthly

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Video Feedback

Send your singing video and get Cláudia's feedback with tips and exercises suggestions.



Contact Cláudia for more information.


Online Individual Classes

Vocal technique and mindset

Vocal Jazz and Bossa Nova singing

Pop, R&B, Soul, (...) singing

Music theory and piano basic skills

1 hour - 40€ (with taxes)


Jazz Boxes - Recorded classes

Recorded classes for Vocal Jazz Singers with video,  audio and pdf support exercises.

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Flow Jazz Session for Jazz Singers

Join the free online monthly jam with singers from all over the world. Everyone is welcome to sing or watch.

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