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Online Classes - Vocal Jazz 

"Claudia has a deep knowledge of singing and voice of both style and technique.

She also has a broad knowledge of jazz and how to perform and improvise."

Begõna Deirin, Spain 2023

  • Vocal Jazz Language
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    Join Wait List
    The Vocal Jazz Language course consists of weekly Vocal Jazz classes, in groups of 4 people with similar levels, in a relaxed and kind environment with students from all over the world.
  • Box Series
    Coming soon
    Recorded classes
    Coming soon
    Recorded classes
    Recorded classes about Vocal Jazz
  • Tailor-made classes
    contact for information and appointments
    contact for information and appointments
    Individual or group classes of Vocal Jazz taylor-made for student's. They can include vocal technique, interpretation, improvisation, music theory, ear training, basic piano skills, mindset, how to study, how to develop a repertoire, and so much more.

Claudia Franco has a deep knowledge of singing and voice of both style and technique.

She also has a broad knowledge of jazz and how to perform and improvise.


In the workshop she manages to make it accessible to students of various levels.

She stimulates them to progress by encouraging them to sing and try new ideas with respectful and precise feedback on aspects to improve.


All this in enjoyable classes where her spontaneity and joy are contagious.

2023 - Bego Deirin - Barcelona, Spain

Working with Claudia is a sheer delight.

She is extremely interactive and makes the classes fun whilst imparting her extensive knowledge.

Small groups with Individually tailored lessons have so much benefit.

The pace is guided by the progress of the group so no one is left behind.

The class times cater for those of us on the other side of the world which is really cool.

The materials for the lessons are provided also.

Thank you Claudia, I feel safe to put myself out there. xx

2023 - Alanna Beck Godfrey - Tasmania. Australia

This workshop was such a game-changer for me!

I discovered a lot about myself as a singer and as a person.


Cláudia is the kindest and knows exactly what to look for in each voice, while always encouraging you to take the next step.


Throughout classes, the sense of community and belonging became unquestionable.


I'm very happy I took this workshop!


2023 - Inês Simões - Viseu, Portugal

...has really opened my eyes to the intricacies of Jazz technique. I have a greater understading of melody and chords and motifs. I will greatly enjoy putting this knowledge into practice.

2022 - Maureen Soltar - United Kingdom

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