I just finished my first class with the superb Michele Weir (UCLA Vocal Jazz teacher) and I loved the class, her energy, teaching method. 1 hour that felt like 5 minutes.

Studying is very important for me, as well as being in contact with art and creativity, emotions, in a constant exploration of my evolution.

I confess that I should spend more time composing. But it doesn't always flow, and lately I've been wanting to study more.

In recent years, I have had the good fortune to meet inspiring people, Mirna Rubim, a Brazilian singer and teacher of vocal technique with whom I have taken classes and a course of study aimed at teachers, she is a force of nature, with an incredible knowledge of vocal technique and all areas surrounding singing; Kiko, my master's singing teacher in jazz teaching who brought me so much wisdom, from the soul, from jazz, from the singer's mind; and now Michele Weir, who I was already following, her books, workshops and YouTube videos, a master in improvisation! And in the midst of all this, I created a workshop for my students with Mirna and my dear musician and actor friend Manuel Lourenço and it was so revealing! Manuel Lourenço revealed an actress in me that I thought was superficial and false. What an exhilarating and emotional experience!! I just hope I have the resilience and motivation to dedicate myself daily to these masters who deeply inspire me to be better every day and accept that mistakes are not failures.

And for everyone who wants to evolve, like me, please believe that we can. There is always someone amazing who will show up in our lives when we least expect it!



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