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Updated: Jul 27

The days go by and life is running over us as I say, and what we most want to do and give us more pleasure is left behind. We then look for little tricks to disguise the lack of dedication, well they don't exist!

I used to listen to more music. And like now, especially after my son was born, time seems to fly.

And so listening to music doesn't come naturally to me like it used to, and I'm trying to include it in my life in other ways, do you have any suggestions?

I recently joined TIDAL (music APP), very happy with this choice and started a playlist of records I like and records I want to hear. I'm going to share a list of Jazz Vocal only, at an early stage, but here goes.

A piece of advice (if there is any), listen to records and not just single songs. Be smart, listen to the vocalist you enjoy the most and imitate!

Listen to music.

It's the best part.



TIDAL Vocal Jazz playlist

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