Cláudia Franco, Jazz singer and vocal teacher


"Claudia is a competent and inspiring teacher.

I obtained lots of good information on singing styles and different rhythms from her talks.

The workshop also provided a `Safe Space´ to experiment with things such as "scat singing" (a first for me!). It also provided an indicator of areas I need to work on, to try to improve my singing.

Well done Claudia - Great job!


Start Singing Jazz Workshop review from Robin Peake, UK 2022

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Jazz Vocal Studies are 12 week/12 class workshops with groups of 4 to 6 students.

Students can participate in the Vocal Jazz Technique Group and/or Vocal Jazz Improvisation group.

The repertoire will be kept in parallel in both subjects, so that students who attend both groups can make the most of it.

The class lasts one hour and it's once a week. 

The time will be scheduled depending on the preference of each group students.

1 Workshop Group

Full payment 150€

Monthly payment 55€x3

2 Workshop's Group

Full payment 270€

Monthly payment 100€x3

"Claudia presents the basics of singing interpretation and improvisation in a fresh colliquial and dinamic way. She is generous sharing her knowledge and you could keep talking with her for hours."

Start Singing Jazz Workshop review from Begoña de Irela, Spain 2022

"...has really opened my eyes to the intricacies of Jazz technique. I have a greater understanding of melody and chords and motifs. I will greatly enjoy putting this knowledge into practice."

Start Singing Jazz Workshop review from Maureen Soltar, UK 2022

"The classes were intimate - informative - fun and the best part was live interactive - loved the course."

Start Singing Jazz Workshop review from Alanna Godfrey, Tasmania 2022